About Marmuro


Marmuro®’s mission is to provide beautiful, stylish and unique elements of interior and garden design to clients all over Europe. We guarantee comfort and safety in delivering large, precious and often substantial products to any location. Marmuro®’s clients are special, so we always do our best to fulfill customer satisfaction at each stage of the transaction.


In Marmuro®’s assortment you will find beautiful, luxurious fireplaces, fountains and sculptures. These are the products that have served as decorative and functional elements of interiors through the ages. Marmuro® offers replicas of fireplaces from past epochs and stylised fireplaces, fountains and sculptures – which reproduce different styles and epochs (e.g. antique, Renaissance, Baroque, Victorian etc.). We would like to implement the beauty from the past in our clients’ homes.


Marmuro®’s products are handmade and created with special attention to even the slightest detail. Each element is precisely carved, grinded and polished. These features are responsible for the uniqueness of our products..Due to the fact that the mantelpieces are handmade their internal dimensions may vary (from 3 to 5 cm). Realisation of these items takes from three to five months. We guarantee the products’ uniqueness. Customised fireplaces may differ from others presented on our website.


Marmuro®’s fireplaces, fountains and sculptures are made from materials of the highest quality, such as:

White marble

Egypt yellow marble

Red marble



The style of offered products

Marmuro® offers replicas of fireplace mantels from past epochs in the history of art, but also mantelpieces, sculptures (including animals) and fountains that are adapted to different epochs and styles. Therefore, interior design elements referring to antiquity, especially to Ancient Rome are on offer. From this heritage other epochs drew inspiration, hence you may find in Marmuro®’s assortment a lot of fireplace facades that restyle classical orders. There are also many fountains and sculptures that, by themes and styles, hark back to antiquity and classicism. Moreover, Marmuro® offers elements adapted to Renaissance and mannerism. Baroque and Rococo splendour cannot be omitted, as luxury and wealth were fully expressed in those styles. Sculptures, that may be used inside and outside, fountains and fireplace mantels change our clients’ interiors into the style of Louis’ XV, Louis’ XVI, Napoleon’s or Queen Victoria’s residences. There are plenty of elements adapted to interior design items from the 19th century. All of Marmuro®’s merchandises are stylishly impeccable, and they will satisfy even the most sublime tastes.


Mantelpieces offered by us play the decorative role, and they are compatible with various fireplace inserts. Therefore, the customer can choose any type of fireplace that matches the arranged room. Clients do not have to give up on the choice that suits their taste. Decorative fireplace mantels were made from the best quality marble, and therefore they are resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damages. Also you do not need to worry about any wood falling inside the fireplace and causing damage as the marble is strong enough. The undoubted advantage of fireplace facades is that they are extremely easy to clean. The only thing that needs to be done to keep them clean is to wipe them with a cloth. Marmuro®’s fountains can be installed both inside, such as a hotel foyer, and outside, such as in the garden. Waterspouts were constructed in such a way that installing the pump or placing intake hoses is not a problem. Fountains offered by Marmuro® are not only great decorative elements; properly illuminated they can create a unique, romantic background for various meetings and banquets. Sculptures, including statues of animals, can be decorated for both: interior (living rooms, studies, halls, foyers) and exterior (gardens, parks).

Installation and maintenance

A fireplace that is sent to a client is divided into several pieces, which have to be put together at the installation site. To combine the different parts of the mantelpiece, glue is used. Anyone can put this together by themselves.

A fireplace mantel is assembled around a fireplace insert. The empty space that is left between the insert and the mantel, is filled with the covering which is made of marble. During the installation different types of coverings may be used: those having the same colour as the marble used in the mantel or those having a different hue. In Marmuro®’s store marble slabs are available which match the colour of the fireplace. There are several methods of filling these spaces, but all of them depend on the manner of the installation of the other parts. The installation should start with mounting the mantelpiece in the insert, then one has to decide: how much space there is to fill, and whether fillers having the same colour as the fireplace mantel would match the character of the interior.

Fountains are sent to our clients in parts. Because of their weight, to install a waterspout several people are needed. This is the only impediment, otherwise the installation is very simple. Large fountains have to be erected on concrete foundations that contain waterproof components. In the base, electrical wires are installed, and in the lowest part of the fountain the drain hole is made. The water will drain into the drains or a small amount will drain into the grass for smaller fountains. This manner of creating the drain makes it easy to pull the plug and to drain the water from the basin. If the fountain has several basins, then water from its upper parts can be pushed by a cloth to the pool at the bottom. This way the water is drained by the drain installed there. This solution simplifies maintaining the fountain. Waterspouts, which were dedicated for outdoor use, should be cleaned once a month for about 30-45 minutes. In the winter the fountain should be drained and covered with foil, this will allow it to keep its charm for many years. To maintain the water’s purity and clarity some hypochlorite should be added. Sculptures (including animals), that we offer, are usually sent in one piece, however, it may happen that the pedestal will have to be fitted at the installation site.

All of the fountains and sculptures offered by us can be cleaned with pressure washers.

The specialist from Marmuro® will be pleased to give you detailed advice concerning installation, cleaning and conservation of products. Should you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.